Extraordinary: Porsche 911, Ferrari Pista, luxury watches… Won the Lotto three times in six months.

Already a two-time lottery winner, he announced on Monday that he had ticked five correct numbers again.

Kursat Y., aka Chico, has become a star in Germany. For good reason, the former crane operator from Dormond says a string of lottery wins Picture.

His crazy story begins in September 2022 when he receives a tidy sum of 10 million euros.

Six weeks after this first win, the 42-year-old won the lottery again. A very modest profit, 1,700 euros, but it made him famous.

The story of this millionaire crane operator was picked up by the German media.

Chico later made headlines, appearing on television and performing instagram He currently has over 1 million followers.

Fresh profit in March

A Porsche 911 GT3, a Ferrari Pista, luxury watches, designer clothes, an apartment in Istanbul, the lucky winner of Turkish descent flaunts his new life rich.

But the story does not end there. On March 18, fortune knocked on his door again. This time with a friend, he ticked five correct lottery numbers. This time the pocket is 2,700 euros, he announced on Instagram on Monday. Three wins in six months.

When asked why he still plays, Chico replied: “I like thrills.”

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