Florida A&M, UN Command officials prepare for Week Zero despite rumors

The Week Zero match between Florida A&M and North Carolina is called into question less than 36 hours before it kicks off.

According to a report by Rattler Nation – a blog that closely follows FAMU – Florida A&M reportedly has at least twenty players ineligible to play against UNC on Saturday night, including several key players. The remaining players reportedly refused to take the bus to board the plane, according to the report.

HBCU Gameday has reached out to officials at both UNC and FAMU regarding the status of the game, which UNC is set to pay the $450,000 FAMU guarantee.

The Florida A&M-UNC game is still going on according to both officials.

UNC officials told HBCU Gameday’s Skip Foreman that they still plan to continue the game.

At Chapel Hill, officials were planning Saturday as if the match was going to take place. Although a spokesperson for the department was not immediately available for comment, people associated with the athletics bureau said they had not received such word.

HBCU Gameday’s Von Wilson has reached out to FAMU officials to learn the status of visitors.

The FAMU football team was late in leaving Tallahassee. A source at the university expects the team to make the trip to Chapel Hill later today.”

HBCU Gameday will stay in the story and provide updates as necessary. The match is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Florida A&M and UNC officials prepare for the match despite rumors of a cancellation

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