Former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was injured in the blast

In a Telegram message, a relative of Vladimir Putin said he was wounded in the shoulder blade in the blast in Donetsk. The doctors said that he will be operated.

Dmitry RogozinThe former director of Roscosmos – the agency responsible for the Russian civilian space program – and close to Vladimir Putin, confirmed this Thursday, December 22, that he was injured during an explosion in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

I have one wound, a 3×4 mm piece of metal above the right shoulder blade. There will be an operation. Many others close to me were injured ” wrote the former Russian deputy prime minister on his channel on Thursday telegram.

Doctors in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said they were providing medical aid to Dmitry Rogozin. TASS, Russian news agency. “His condition is satisfactory.“said the attendant of the wounded.”According to doctors’ results, a landmine embedded in his spine cannot be removed. Dmitry Rogozin has refused to be evacuated to medical facilities in other parts of Russia until the condition of the other wounded has stabilised“, he added.

Location revealed

Dmitry Rogozin has been in the DPR, a Ukrainian region occupied by Russia since 2014 and officially annexed by Moscow last September.Military assistanceFor the Russian military, explains the company Tass. In his Telegram message, Rogosin said he would attend “A work meeting [dans le restaurant de l’hôtel]In a restricted circle and in a quiet atmosphere, when one of our volunteer units returns“.

Russian public television channel Rossiya 24 said the former boss of Roscosmos will celebrate his 59th birthday there on Wednesday with guests and musicians. The channel aired images of festive tables in a restaurant hall with broken windows and partially destroyed walls.

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We lived in this hotel for a few months and in eight years the enemy never bombed the place“, he continues. According to the Russian official,Someone leaked“Location”7:45 p.m“and”Many high precision attackscontinuously. Finally, he reports that an investigation has been opened to find the identity of the assailant.

“Dangerous” accommodation

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured reporters of the incident.It is quite common for officials to visit Russian regions“. “Unfortunately, it is still dangerous to stay in some areas (…) but that does not mean that civil servants should be prevented from performing their duties.“, he added.

Ever since he was removed as head of Roscosmos last July, an ambiguity has hung over his activities. Some have speculated that Rogozin could hold some sort of leadership position in the Russian-occupied areas of eastern Ukraine. Rokosin, for his part, announced himself as the head of the volunteer study group “Jars are wolves“.

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