G7 members say they will never recognize the borders that Russia is trying to forcibly change

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1:15 p.m. : Finnish President Saul Ninisto has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin over Nordic’s immediate candidacy for NATO to provoke hostility from Moscow, Helsinki announced. “The conversation was direct and direct and passed without irritation. It was important to avoid tension.”The President of Finland said in a statement to the President.

12:20 p.m. : G7 Foreign Ministers have also promised “To expand barriers” Economic targets aimed at Moscow for its occupation of Ukraine “Russia’s particularly dependent sectors” When emphasizing China “Do not underestimate” These activities. Seven major economic powers want “Speed ​​up efforts” For “Stop relying on Russian energy”, According to the press release.

12:18 p.m. : Diplomatic Leaders They signed a statement issued after a three-day meeting in Wangles, northern Germany, in which they called back to Belarus. “Stop facilitating Russia’s intervention and respect its international obligations”.

12:13 p.m. : G7 does not “Can never be identified” Foreign ministers of a group of seven major powers have confirmed the borders that Russia wants to impose through its war in Ukraine..

12:05 : It’s time to review the news:

Russia has cut off power supplies to Finland in retaliation for the Scandinavian state’s desire to join NATO. Yesterday, the Finnish subsidiary of Russian power supply company InterRAO announced that it would suspend its supply from Saturday, citing payment problems from Helsinki. The Finnish operator promised that Russia could do without electricity, which is reflected “Less than 10%” His needs. Follow our lives.

Emmanuel Macron officially begins his second term today. But the appointment of the next head of government, Jean Costex, is still pending. Yaël Braun-Pivet, a guest at FranceInfo, the LREM deputy since the re-election of Yvelines, believes we must be patient. Follow our lives.

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Elysee announced on Friday that Emmanuel Macron would travel to Abu Dhabi tomorrow to pay tribute to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, who passed away on Friday at the age of 73. Consequence: Prime Minister Jean Costex will not go to the Vatican as planned, and both executives will not be able to stay out of the territory at the same time, Mattignon said.

Middle East UN Strongly condemned May 11 Palestinian-American journalist Shreen Abu Agle killed and another journalist injured in the West Bank city of Jenin.“According to diplomats, the report, which was unanimously adopted yesterday, calls for this very rare consensus of the Security Council on an issue related to Israel. “Immediate, complete, transparent and impartial inquiry” About this murder.

11:14 am : Exports of electricity from Russia to Finland were stopped overnight. RAO Nordic, the company responsible for selling Russian electricity to Finland Announced yesterday As Finland prepares to announce its candidacy for NATO, its aim is to trigger unpaid bills and suspend its supplies.

10:55 : In Cross, a company is renovating part of its premises to welcome families leaving Ukraine. France 3 Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur. AGEFIM, a property management company, has rehabilitated refugees and made available premises (400 square meters).

10:39 : Finland’s application for NATO membership “Give a Golden Argument” To “Mr. Putin’s Campaign”, Bertrand reacts to Bedi, Professor of Emeritus at the Bow of Sciences and Specialist in International Relations. Finland’s approach Feeds Moscow’s argument that it “tries to explain the senseless occupation” by saying that Russia, surrounded by NATO, feels threatened. According to the expert.

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10:12 am : We start immediately with a dot in the message:

Russia The power supply must be stopped From today to Finland, supplier RAO Nordic Oy, which is 100% owned by the Russian company InterRAO, announced yesterday. The announcement comes in the wake of growing tensions between Moscow and Helsinki, which has expressed a desire to join. “Without delay” To NATO under the influence of Russian invasion of Ukraine. An idea seen with a very bad outlook by Moscow, which has already threatened a response “Military-Technical”.

Last night, at midnight, a page turned as Macron’s second five-year term began. But expectations are high that the next prime minister will be Jean Costax, who will remain in office until Monday. If the Elysee does not give any hint, one thing is for sure: the head of government is busy packing his boxes. But change is not this weekend.

ஃ Sanofi, a French group, was sentenced by a Nanterre court Compensation up to 450,000 euros Family born with daughter defects exposed to tobogin in the uterus. The court held that the risk of autistic disorders related to Depakine was known to the laboratory at least in 2005 and as a result it was obligatory to mention it in the instructions.

• At Eurovision, before the finals in Italy tonight, there is a flurry of hints: Norwegian wolves to Ukrainian favorites must break new decibel records for the best song contest defending their country’s colors under a grape shot. France is represented by the Alvan & Ahes Group, whose title Fullen Inspired by Breton legend.

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