Gazprom has announced that it will shut down Nord Stream, which is essential for gas supplies in Europe, due to a technical fault.

US police raid assets of Russian oligarch

US law enforcement on Thursday raided two properties of Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, an ally of President Vladimir Putin, under sanctions, it was reported. NBC News Channel.

Federal agents and local police officers were seen leaving an apartment on Park Avenue in New York and a vacation home in the popular Hamptons near New York with boxes of weapons. Both properties are owned by a Russian oligarch, according to NBC, citing US Treasury documents. Fisher Island, Miami Mr. Authorities are also looking for a property believed to be linked to Vekselberg.

The businessman heads the Moscow-based Renova Group and is among Russian oligarchs targeted by Western sanctions imposed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His assets in the US have been frozen and US companies are barred from doing business with him and his businesses. He is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for bank fraud, but no charges have been filed, NBC reported.

A yacht worth 90 million euros belonging to Victor Vekselberg was already seized by Spain in April at the request of the United States. Washington announced in March that a cell would be created to handle the case “Corrupt Russian Oligarchs” And for anyone who violates the sanctions adopted by the Biden administration against Moscow. Since then, Americans “sanctioned and embargoed more than a billion worth of ships and aircraft, as well as freezing hundreds of millions of dollars in assets of Russian elites in US accounts”According to the White House.

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President Joe Biden hopes to liquidate these assets and use the money to compensate for the damage suffered by Ukraine.

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