Genshin Impact’s new Dendro item has been revealed in a new trailer

Genshin Impact has slowly revealed more information about its upcoming 2.8 update, which will be rolled out on July 13. With the release of this new update, developers HoYoverse have officially announced that the game’s seventh and final element, Dendro, is set to debut in MegaUpdate 3.0 later this fall. They released a video with a thorough breakdown of the element and the design philosophy that went into it.

Related Update 2.8 raises the Sumero region

This update will bring along the new Sumero DistrictIt is a lush forest area with many new gameplay mechanics. Dendro, the seventh element, will be most prominent in this area. This element has many capabilities and three basic design principles.

Motivation, wisdom and life are the three core components of this powerful element’s design. They designed the element to make sense with the environment and players, and Dendro will come along with two new elemental interactions.

  • Thrives A new elemental interaction between Hydro and Dendro.
  • stimulate – A new elemental interaction between Electro and Dendro.

These new reactions will be crucial to ecological interactions in the Sumero New District, and are in line with Previously shared leaks about the new item. Like Electro was necessary to explore Inazuma, Dendro will be vital to exploring Sumeru and discovering its secrets.

Update 3.0 also provides a list of new characters that It was leaked. Tighnari, Collei, and Dori will join the traveler full of Dendro as characters with unique powers and abilities, all hailing from the Sumeru region. HoYoverse will make more announcements of Update 3.0 in the weeks leading up to its late August release date.

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