Germany has announced that it will continue to buy Russian gas in defiance of the European Union

Germany, Europe’s leading economic power, has taken the opposite view from its European neighbors by deliberately rejecting the gas embargo.

Will the sanctions imposed on Russia backfire on the West? However, one and a half months after the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the question arises. This is because European leaders are still divided over the ban on Russian gas imposed by Washington.

One week ago, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban openly threatened the EU by threatening to pay for his Russian gas in rubles. This was the case of a European giant who flatly refused to return to Moscow a week later.

This giant in question is none other than Germany. This country, the leading economic power of the Union, is much of it 55% of gas comes from RussiaNeat told his European partners that he wanted to follow in Biden’s footsteps by allowing Vladimir Putin harshly.

At least that news agency told us. Reuters. In fact, according to this source, citing a German government spokesman, Berlin categorically denies the ban on Russian gas and oil, but refuses to pay for the purchase of Russian gas in rubles, such as Vladimir. Putin is now demanding.

Germany would also be interested in a definite rejection of the embargo on Russian gas. Because, according to the information provided by the channel CNN Citing five German companies that specialize in economics, Berlin would lose nearly $ 240 billion if it did not access Russian gas.

Source: Jacob Ladder

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