Germany seizes International Court of Justice against Italy

Germany seized the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Italy on Friday, April 29, accusing Rome of violating its sovereignty as a sovereign nation. Following the dismissal of Benito Mussolini and the end of the fascist regime, Berlin opposes the July 1943 appeals filed in Italian courts against war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis. For the persecutions experienced at that time. Many Italian prisoners of war were taken to Germany and subjected to forced labor, while civilians were persecuted for racial, religious or ideological reasons. In the last months of World War II, German forces massacred hundreds of people in retaliation for protests by Italian parties.

Berlin does not question the crimes committed by the Nazis in Italy between 1943 and 1945, but considers it “Personal compensation for victims By unilaterally approaching the national courts against Germany, the binding of the anti-sovereign force violates international law”. Write his lawyers in the summary filed before the ICJ. Recall that “Democratic Germany, which emerged after the end of the Nazi dictatorship, expressed deep regret over the total atrocities committed by German forces.” Between September 1943 and the liberation of Italy.

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In the peace treaty signed between Italy and the Allies in 1947, Rome waived all claims against Germany for its actions under Mussolini’s fascist rule. Following that, two agreements were signed between the two countries in 1961, culminating in Germany paying Italy a total of 80 million deutsche (approximately 40 million euros) in compensation to the victims. So the lawyers are demanding Italy “Stop its continued illegal activities, including all cases against Germany based on violations of international humanitarian law committed by the German Reich between 1943 and 1945”.

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The ICJ, already occupied by Berlin in 2008, ruled four years later that Italy had violated German sovereignty. Despite this condemnation, the Italian Constitutional Court ruled in 2014 that the banning of civil proceedings by victims was unconstitutional and that the latter was more than a ruling by the UN High Court. But according to Germany, the verdict of the Italian court, “Accepted in clear violation of international law and Italy’s obligation to comply with judgment issued by the United Nations Primary Judiciary, which had long-term consequences.”. Since then, at least 25 new victim complaints have been filed in Italian courts.

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