Gigi Dolin talks about childhood trauma during a WWE NXT promo

Gigi Dolin paid her heart in an emotional promo on WWE NXT this week where she addressed Jacy Jayne’s betrayal and the breakdown of Toxic Attraction.

Doolin admitted that while “it was fun being the mean girl”, as it was her excuse to “channel my inner demons”, all she was doing was escaping reality.

“Jassie, you know this because I trusted you,” Dolin began. “The last person I’d let betray and beat me was my mother. She has used me as her personal punching bag for yearsAnd when I finally got the courage to run away from home as a teenager, I was determined to show my little brother that I could do it in WWE – so we could both escape the constant cycle of pain and suffering. “

At this point, Doolin started screaming in pain as she recounted the hardships she had to endure her entire life. She added that her pent-up anger would be used effectively in her match against Jane at Roadblock.

“Next week, bring everything you’ve got because it won’t be enough,” warned Dolin Jane. “I will take every ounce of pain, suffering, and anger that has accumulated inside me to drive the final nail into the coffin of Toxic Attraction.”

Along with Dolin vs. Jinder Mahal and Indus Sher, and Grayson Waller’s Impact segment featuring Shawn Michaels.

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