GIGN policeman killed in Maribasoula: What we know about the killing in Darlin

A GIGN Gendarme was shot dead during an anti-illegal gold operation in Maribasaula this morning. Following his death, the Governor of Guyana, the Commander of the Gendarmerie and the Public Prosecutor in Guyana held a press conference at Madeleine Barracks.

This Saturday, at 4:10 p.m., a press conference was organized at the premises of Madeleine (Cain) Gendarmerie Barracks following the death. Chief Sergeant, Arnaud Blank. Governor Thierry Quefelec, Gendarmerie Commander Jean-Christophe Sintive and Public Prosecutor Joel Soulier revealed details of the circumstances of the tragedy.

Madeleine’s Gendarmerie Barracks

At around 5:30 this morning, soldiers were on the lookout for carpets as part of an operation to combat illegal gold mining. Action was taken against them by armed men. The scene unfolded At Darlin Field, in the heart of the Guyanese Forest, in Maribasaula. Chief Sergeant Arnaud Blank was immediately touched.

Teams of gendarmes and members of the Guyana Armed Forces then retreated and returned heavy fire. If Arnaud Blanc is cared for by an on-site health attendant, it is not enough. It was too late. There is currently no evidence of the nature of the weapon that caused his death.

At this point, we didn’t know who was in front of us

Jean-Christophe Sintive, Commander of Guyana’s Gendarmerie

He also mentioned that today’s objective is to take possession of the place to allow a judicial investigation. “Once the location is shifted and secured, work can begin“Investigation, the public prosecutor pointed out. The facts should be qualified as “murder in an organized gang”.

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Darlin’s department is “truly gold-bearing,” underlines the commander of the gendarmerie. This is the reason why there are so many illegal miners there. Their presence in the absence of armed forces is estimated at 300 Karimbeiros.. Before the authorities decided to strengthen their presence in the sector, there were about 1,500 underground gold miners.

Note that Arnaud Blanc’s post-mortem examination is being carried out this afternoon. The three representatives recalled that due to the ongoing investigation, the information could not be more accurate.

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