Have you seen it before? Space can be scary with sound than without it

Scientists were able to determine the shape of space. (NASA Exoplanets via Twitter)

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Black hole – It’s 2022. Billionaire tourists fly into space every few months. NASA prepares for Launching a rocket to the moon. and new James Webb Space Telescope It sends mind-blowing stunning images of distant objects.

But maybe space can be a little intimidating.

Recently, NASA previously took an inaudible word Sound wave data from a black hole in the Perseus Galaxy And he lifted it a few octaves (57 and 58 octaves to be exact) to show us what space looks like.

It’s hard to decide which alternative is better: the creepy and frightening sounds of ghosts, or the silence in the frightening empty space. Fortunately, I don’t think we’ll have to make a decision because we are likely to witness a silent space, if any of us who aren’t billionaires go into space, at all.

NASA explains in a file Article on their website Most of space is still a vacuum where sound waves cannot travel, but some regions, such as galaxy clusters, have enough gas to allow sound waves to travel. So, if this black hole sounds (which, again, humans usually can’t hear because the sounds are actually 144 quadrillion and 288 quadrillion times smaller than the “remix” sounds released by NASA), you’d probably be fine in Go to space and only hear the ominous silence of the emptiness of space!

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