Heavy rain falls on Martinique, which goes into yellow alert

Météo Martinique is putting the area on yellow alert as the weather worsens from late afternoon (Saturday August 20, 2022). Heavy rain is expected.

Planned development

Inland stormy rain with good intensity is still expected in the evening and next night. Accumulations of 40 to 50 mm in 3 hours and 70 to 100 mm in 12 hours are possible.s.

If a temporary depression develops tomorrow morning, locally marked showers will resume through the afternoon and early afternoon, particularly relief and along the Caribbean coast. Rain showers overnight Sunday into Monday.


In the Fond-Saint-Denis/Saint-Pierre/Morne Rouge area: 50 to 80 mm in 6 hours.

To know about weather conditions:
– If you have to practice dangerous sports outdoors,
– If you or your operations are located in an area exposed to land or sea.

Avoid using telephones and electrical devices during thunderstorms. Do not take shelter in a wooded area.

If it rains heavily, be extra careful near water bodies. Fording can quickly become more dangerous. Pay attention to their shortcuts.

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