Here’s our first look at Juliette Lollipop Chainsaw

Dragami Games—the team behind the upcoming remake of the classic Lollipop Chainsaw—has given us our first peek at leading lady Juliet Starling.

Last year, the producer of the remake said so The upcoming remake of the cult classic Lollipop Chainsaw will not bring extensive changes to the story or design From the original game, this includes any possible changes to the appearance of its main character, cheerleader Juliet.

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Courtesy of New Year’s Eve tweetIt appears that the team was true to its word. While this is only a small glimpse, we finally got our first look at the new-look Juliet, still slashing hordes of plain-clothed zombies, which you can see below:

It’s true that there isn’t much to go on, but it should be welcome news for those who were nervous about the hack-and-slasher’s 2012 update plans.

The studio has spent most of the past year trying to convince gamers that The upcoming remake of Lollipop Chainsaw won’t have major changes to the story or design From the original game yet Several lines from the project’s original advertisement Confused fans.

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