How to solve Cuphead’s cemetery mystery: the last delicious course

Cuphead: The last delicious course It comes with a bunch of secrets to discover, just as the base game did all those years ago. But the most widespread and difficult this time is the cemetery and the broken ruins that open its mysteries.

How to find and solve the cemetery puzzle

Screenshot via Studio MDHR

The cemetery in question is located at the southernmost point on DLC Island, just above The Howling Aces’ boss fight site. You can’t miss it, but if it happens by chance, the ghost detective NPC lurking next to it will be a dead gift.

To complete this weird secret puzzle, you’ll first need to get the Broken Relic, one of the many new items added to the Item Shop that you can buy with coins either from the main mission or through Island DLC.

Screenshot via Studio MDHR

When you have this item, be sure to equip it for your character. Then you want to press the following tombstones in order: first, top center, then bottom left, and finally top right. Doing so will activate the middle grave with a blip to show that you have completed the puzzle.

For those just wondering how to solve this, there are a bunch of NPCs on the podiums north of the island that give you hints about which tombstones to choose based on their dialogue. The person who appears first on the platform says that they go “upstairs” as an example, while the second speaks the words “Left Downtown,” referring to the lower left tomb.

The dialogue you receive will be different in each session, so you’ll need to pay attention to what the NPCs say. Their directions will affect the tombstones that you will need to choose to solve the puzzle. If you are just starting to solve the puzzle, you can take notes about the dialogue to make sure you select the correct tombstones on the first try.

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Completing this mini-puzzle will unlock a secret in-game boss when interacting with the middle tombstone. Hitting the boss will then upgrade the broken relic to its actual form – the cursed relic.

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