Howitzers, armored vehicles, drones, “substandard” ammunition … In Ukraine, new weapons for new wars

Explanation – The possibility of Russian defeat has given new impetus to the Western camp, which has now decided to provide heavy equipment to the Ukrainians.

Howitzers come to the fore. The first eighteen “Howitzers” promised by the United States on April 14Sent by“The Pentagon promised on Monday that it was eager to demonstrate that the United States was maintaining its momentum ahead of a rally of Ukrainian supporters in Rammstein, Germany. Seventy-two more of these artillery shells are expected to follow in the coming weeks, seven of which are due to be dispatched.”In the neighboring countryUkrainian soldiers are trained in the use of this tool. Ukraine faces Russia, which is concentrating its forces in the Donbass, and is preparing for a new phase of the war with new weapons.

After the clashes in urban areas, especially around Q, Ukrainians and Russians will face each other in the open in a long front line. Russian tanks will maneuver to break down defenses, attacking the air force and artillery. Resist – Activate …

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