Images of the $13 billion US Navy aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford

  • The USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, the first of its kind in its class for the US Navy, was deployed on Tuesday.
  • The mega ship cost $13 billion to build and comes with a slew of new technologies.
  • According to a book, Donald Trump once talked about the appearance of the ship.

The US Navy’s most advanced aircraft carrier – which was commissioned and later criticized by former President Donald Trump – Posted Tuesday from Norfolk, Virginia, to head to the Atlantic.

After years of delays and costly setbacks totaling $13 billion, the USS Gerald Ford set out on its first deployment, entering the competitive arena of naval vessels from countries like Russia and China.

The ship comes with a slew of new technologies, including electromagnetic catapults that can launch aircraft and advanced weapons elevators that will transport bombs and missiles to the flight deck.

This is not only one of the most advanced aircraft carriers for entering the waters, surpassing the aircraft carriers of the Navy Nimitz, but also The largest in the world.

However, its sheer size did not win over everyone. Former President Donald Trump has been among the ship’s critics.

According to “Peril,” a book by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Trump has often been preoccupied with the carrier, ranting about the ship’s high cost as well as placing the flight command center on the flight deck.

“It just doesn’t look right,” Trump said, according to the book.

Members of Congress also raised a problem with the ship. Representative Eileen Luria of Virginia described the A “$13 billion nuclear-powered floating mooring barge.”

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Ford’s deployment to the Atlantic will consist of military exercises involving about 9,000 personnel from 9 countries, 20 ships and 60 aircraft, according to the Navy.

Take a peek at the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier:

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