In Canada, Justin Trudeau refuses to question the monarchy after Elizabeth II’s death

Ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday, September 18, refused to reopen a constitutional debate over the place of the British monarchy, whose sovereign is automatically Canada’s head of state.

“For me, it’s not a priority. It’s not even my intention to discuss.”The head of the Canadian government said in an interview with Radio-Canada in London. “Making such a profound change in the world’s best, most stable system is, to me, not a good idea right now”Determined Mr. Trudeau, notes “A Complicated and Complicated Moment”.

A former British colony that gained independence in 1867, Canada is a constitutional monarchy under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. Charles III is now official “King of Canada”. With the death of Elizabeth II, the debate about the place of the monarchy was revived. According to an Ipsos poll conducted for Global News, 58% of Canadians want a referendum on whether to retain the crown. That’s a five-point increase over a year, according to the poll released Friday, which found only 44% of Canadians had a favorable opinion of Charles III.

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The Queen, one of his “favorite people in the world”.

In the federal parliament, Quebec separatists recently called for severing ties with the crown, while the left-wing opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) wants to abolish the monarchy, not making it a priority. Mr. For Trudeau, constitutional monarchy is a “Remarkable Stability” For our time. “Such an organization works in an era where we see our democratic institutions and our democracies around the world crumbling little by little.”Speaking to King Charles III on Saturday, Mr. Trudeau argued.

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“We lived through constitutional debates. It is difficult to change our system of governance anytime soon”The Canadian Prime Minister underscored, specifically referring to Quebec’s two referendums on independence (1980 and 1995).

The son of Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Trudeau has met Elizabeth II on several occasions since her childhood. After his death, he said, with tears in his eyes, the sovereign “It was together [s]The World’s Favorite People” And that his advice is going to him “Losing a lot”.

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