In Iceland, a volcano erupted near Reykjavik

A volcanic eruption, erupting from a fissure, began near Reykjavík on Wednesday, August 3, it was announced. Iceland Meteorological Agency.

crack, You can see the lava coming out In local media images, the volcano erupted in 2021, near Mount Fakradalsfjal, 40 kilometers from Reykjavík. The company said the eruption started in the valley. “Meradalir, about 1.5 kilometers north of Stora Hrut”.

The planes were not affected

Although there was no gray cloud, the company noted that it was “Pollution may be detected due to gas emissions”. Iceland’s National Airports Authority said no flights were affected by the volcano at this time and said it was monitoring the situation.

Mount Fagradalsfjall belongs to the Krysuvik volcanic system located on the Reykjanes peninsula in southern Iceland. Thirty-two volcanic systems are currently considered active in the country, the largest number in Europe. On average, the country experiences an eruption every five years.

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