In Kiev, the Ukrainian presidency is celebrating an “invincible year” and predicting “inevitable victory.”

Despite Moscow’s setbacks, weakness or misgivings, there is no question in Kiev of a year of solemn commemorations where a Russian threat remains faint. In such moments, there is only resistance, pride and determination in Ukraine. And the inevitable victory to come.

This Friday, February 24, the first anniversary of the Russian army’s invasion of the country, has not escaped what has become a code of conduct. The Ukrainian president chose to celebrate its baptism “Invincible Year”.

Often at the forefront of this protest, Ukrainian Post, for example, has decided to issue a new stamp featuring a mural by British artist Banksy on a destroyed wall in the city of Borodyanka. The work depicts a (Ukrainian) child engaging in a judo grapple and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a black belt in judo, knocking down a (Russian) man who often practices this martial art on stage. The seal bears the initials “PTN PNK” In Ukrainian, “Putin, screw you”. One, an adaptation of the now famous phrase, on the first day of the battle, the defenders of Serpent Island refused to surrender and responded under the threat of artillery, “Russian warship, screw you!” »Before being taken prisoner by the bomber.

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Head of State Volodymyr Zelensky opened the memorial day, during which Ukrainians visit cemeteries to pay tribute to the dead and cultural events during the war years, with a video message to his fellow citizens. After that he promised “Invincible Year”Second year of the war, when Ukraine bravely resisted Russian attacks “Inevitable Victory”.

Mr. Zelensky spoke at length about February 24, 2022, “The longest day of our lives, the hardest day in our modern history”. “We woke up early and haven’t slept since. We did not raise the white flag, we defended our blue and yellow flag. We are not broken, we are not surrendered”He said, also taking the emblematic image of the soldiers of Snake Island, an object of national worship.

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Zelensky: “Fighting for Europe’s Security”

After listing the main political and military positions“A Year of Resistance, Care, Courage, Pain, Hope, Unity” During this “Ukraine surprised, inspired and united the world”The President promised “victory” to “This Year” 2023.

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