In Martinique, they provoked the victims on the internet

Four people, including three minors, have been arrested and charged in connection with an investigation into armed robberies in April. Ford de FranceThey are suspected of inciting the victims Meeting sitesAmong the men, judicial police said Wednesday.

Meetings in the parking lot

The attackers aimed to arrange dates for the gay users of the dating site. “This is a practice we are familiar with and frequent,” said Commissioner Ann Le Tontec, head of the Regional Judicial Police Service in Fort-de-France.

The four victims, men, identified by police, agreed to meet in a parking lot. They were prosecuted and abducted. Armed criminals wearing masks are targeting each victim a ATM machineOften before departure with his vehicle and personal consequences.

During the investigation, which opened in late April, it was able to catch one of the first suspects to drive one of the stolen cars. During this Arrested In late April, Ford-de-France Crime Branch police found two counterfeit weapons in the trunk of a vehicle – a pistol and a shotgun.

Charges and Judicial Restrictions

The men were arraigned Friday in the Castle-de-France attorney’s office. All three juveniles were charged and later released under judicial supervision, and they will be tried later in juvenile court, judicial evidence said.

The Major was also charged and remanded in custody over the weekend. “It simply came to our notice then. “If there’s anything to remember, you should be aware of the meetings you have on the Internet,” he commented.

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