In Tehran, Vladimir Putin promised that Gazprom would meet its obligations and called for the lifting of restrictions on Russian grain exports.

Washington has accused Russia of trying to annex Ukrainian territories under its control

Russia “Works to unify Ukrainian territories” It has come under its control in recent months using the same “Manual” More than Crimea in 2014, the White House charged on Tuesday.

“The Russian government has extensive plans to unify many regions in Ukraine, including Kherson, Zaporizhia and all of Donetsk and Luhansk regions”John Kirby coordinates communications on strategic issues for US President Joe Biden.

representatives “illegal” In these areas Moscow imposes “Puppets Will Organize Referendums on Reunification with Russia”, “During Russian Regional Elections in September”he added.

At the same time, Russia seeks to establish Russian banks there to generalize the use of the ruble. “Forcing Residents to Apply for Russian Citizenship”, “imposing his followers in the security services”All inside “Sabotaging the Civil Internet”He promised more.

Connection territories “Force Violates UN Charter”John reprimands Kirby and assures him “New Sanctions Against Russia” If the latter continues its preparations. “Moscow will become even more of a pariah than it is today”threatened that.

Since the beginning of the offensive, on February 24, against Ukraine, the Russian army has captured large parts of the two southern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia. Since then, officials in these regions have said they want to organize their connection with Russia under Moscow’s control, although officially, the Kremlin has not publicly indicated this intention. Five days ago, Moscow-appointed officials in Zaporizhia province, for the first time, offered a timetable, announcing that they intend to hold a referendum on annexation with Russia from early autumn.

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