Information Franceinfo. France will become “less dependent” on twenty military industrial production

Amid the war in Ukraine, France is preparing to transfer around twenty military industrial productions to its soil, franceinfo revealed on Tuesday. These transfers are a variant of the “war economy” demanded by the Élysée. A Political Brief by Jean-Rémi Baudot.

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Emmanuel Macron during the Munich Security Conference.  (OD Anderson/AFP)

In the Ukrainian context, Emmanuel Macron called on French arms manufacturers to produce more and faster, a question of sovereignty and credibility in the international arena. Last month, we learned that France was preparing to relocate the production of powder for its artillery shells (155 mm). According to our information, there will be about twenty strategic relocations in France.

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In detail, France will once again produce boat hulls made in Eastern European countries, large quantities of ammunition made in Sweden, Italy or even Germany, but, above all, parts considered “critical” for some helicopter engines. . We are precisely talking here about the high pressure turbine discs of the RTM322 twin engines. Until now, these parts were made in the US and then forged in the UK. Soon, the expansion and forge will be made in France at the Aubert et Duval factory located in Puy-de-Dôme.

“French made” will cost

If the project were to start this year, production would not be expected until early 2025. There is a question on budgets because it is “Costs more“However”We will be less dependent“, we consider in the Ministry of the Armed Forces. The return of this arms industry to French soil is good news for employment, especially in Aubert and Duval in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. “French production” is limited to these helicopter parts. Made in France, the bill for the defense budget every year 250,000 Euros to increase.

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So the budget should be increased further. The Military Programming Act is currently under negotiation. Today we are talking about 400 billion euros between 2024 and 2030. So there is the question of money, but the French industrial fabric still has to meet this new demand. Nothing is certain on this page. In France, there are problems with hiring, but also a loss of knowledge and a shortage of machinery in some factories. According to the Ministry of the Armed Forces, of the 4,000 French defense industries, at least 200, mostly SMEs, “nTheir speed cannot be increased“.

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