InterRail: The European Union is offering 35,000 passes to travel for free, and here’s how to take advantage of it

30 days of free travel? This is why the European Commission is proposing to offer 35,000 young people in the European Union several InterRail passes through the traditional DiscoveryEU competition, which will allow them to travel for free for at most the next few months. Thirty days on mainland rail networks and some ferries. The registration site opened on Wednesday.

As said on the day Registration site, only Europeans born between July 1, 2004 (inclusive) and June 30, 2005 (inclusive) can benefit. Apply alone or with friends (for each group of maximum four) till March 29. Registration ends with a quiz of a few questions about Europe, indicating your identity card or passport number.

A test based on quiz answers

Quizzes should not be taken lightly. Organizers will “rank the candidates country-wise according to their answers to the quiz and supplementary question”, it said. Frequently Asked Questions of Registration Site. “At least 35,000 youth will be selected from those who answered the quiz correctly and answered the sub-question very correctly,” it continued. A certain number of “winners” are fixed per country so that everyone can benefit from them.

The European Commission notes that selected applicants “can travel for a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 1 month and can travel between June 15, 2023 (first departure date) and September 30, 2024 (last return date).” The lucky winners will be given two options: a fixed option, limiting the number of destinations to two countries or cities of the same country; Or the flexible option to leave all countries open if you’re not traveling for more than 7 days.

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