Israel has called on its people to leave Turkey for fear of Iranian aggression

In recent weeks, Israeli newspapers have been reporting on failed attacks on Israelis in conjunction with Turkish security services.

On Monday, June 13, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid called on Israeli citizens in Turkey to leave.soonThis country is afraid of the Iranian attack.

Following a series of Iranian terrorist attacks against Israelis on holiday in Istanbul in recent weeks, the Israelis were told not to fly to Istanbul (…) If you are already in Istanbul, return to Israel as soon as possible.Yair Lapid said in a statement.

Assassination and kidnapping

In recent weeks, Israeli newspapers have reported on anonymous attempts to attack Israelis in Turkey, citing unnamed sources. The attacks would have been thwarted due to cooperation between the Israeli and Turkish security services, and the two countries have strengthened their ties in recent months.

A “The real and immediate danger of murder and kidnapping“, Minister Lobid pointed out”The lives of many Israelis have been saved“.”I would like to thank the Turkish government for its efforts to save the lives of Israeli citizens“, He said. Speaking in Iran:Anyone who offends the Israelis will pay the price for it, and we will hunt them down wherever they are“.

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Israel, which views Iran as its number one adversary, opposes the resumption of the 2015 international Iran nuclear deal – to prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring a nuclear bomb in exchange for lifting sanctions that suffocate its economy – and the United States withdrew. 2018. Israel, considered the only nuclear expert in the Middle East, fears, among other things, that the deal could fill Iran’s coffers, according to Israeli officials and its allies, regional allies such as Lebanese Hezbollah or Palestinian Hamas.

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