James Gunn Responds to Wonder Woman 3 Rejection Stories

James Gunn

James Gunn
picture: Fraser Harrison

James Jean –Recently installed As Co-President of Warner Bros. Discovery’s Renamed, and soon to be widely reorganized, DC Studios issued a statement on social media today, in response to a story Originally I mentioned yesterday before Hollywood Reporter. Saeed’s story confirmed that one Victims of John and Peter Safran’s new approach DC Comics movies (which the couple is still supposed to bring up before applying to me copper top) It was Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman 3for which Jenkins had recently given therapywhich, according to the story, both Gunn and Safran rejected, saying it did not match their still-developing plans for the franchise.

Gunn didn’t go into detail with his response statement, but did mention this, regarding: THR The story is, “Some of it is true, some of it is half true, some of it is not true, and some of it we have yet to decide whether or not it is true.” Describing the planning period so far as “productive,” Gunn went on to admit that he and Safran knew, going in, that there would be “It is an inevitable transitional period as we transition to telling a coherent story across film, television, animation, and games.”

There are some fairly formidable questions floating around DC Studios at the moment, most of them centering on how much of the DCEU’s current framework Stories – that started with Zack Snyder man of steel in 2013, before trying to build on the next decade’s Marvel-esque shared universe – to be kept in transition. Gunn declared his commitment Today “to build on what has worked in DC so far and help correct what hasn’t…We know we’re not going to make everyone happy every step of the way, but we can promise that everything we do is done in service of the story and in service of the DC characters we know you cherish and have cherished whole lives.”

Gunn ends his post with a call for patience while he and Safran continue plotting, followed by Alex Ross’ drawing of DC’s Justice League that certainly indicates that the most popular comics The characters – if not the cast, or the continuity they’ve been given so far in the Warner Bros. movies-will Keep going as he and Safran chart their new course.

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