Japanese PM barred from entering Russia in Moscow

7:19 a.m .: Yellow and blue tartans in Scotland

In the workshop of the Macnaughton Group of artisans, the Scottish Darton factory, the machines gently unwrap the kilometer cloth with cross stripes in green, red, black, blue, white, and orange. Under mechanical fanfare, a pattern collides with its unusual colors: yellow and royal blue.

A few weeks ago, the factory’s customer, Great Scott, launched the “Dorton for Ukraine” to raise funds to help the Russian-occupied country, and the new fabric was a success. “We saw what was going on in the news, and like many others we were horrified. We wondered what could be done? Raise money and give it to charities. Let’s create a darton,” said Patrick Levdos, COO of Great Scott.

Already 3.5km of fabric has been sold, the founder of the Great Scott Margot page announces, noting that for every Dorton the company pays for the humanitarian appeal of Ukraine. He now dreams of wearing the guild of Ukrainian President (Volodymyr) Zhelensky (blue and yellow).

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