Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins The Boys Season 4

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan attends the premiere of The Walking Dead on September 23, 2019 in West Hollywood, California.
picture: Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images for AMC (Getty Images)

Yes, they accomplished it. After some exchanges on Instagram teasing that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was about hAn old supernatural Team, it will finally happen. an agreementJL Entertainment WeeklyMorgan is about to be reunited with his son, Winchester Jensen Ackles supernatural originator Eric KripkeThe current TV phenomenon boys In an “unannounced role”.

We don’t know who will play, or the number of episodes—such as EW notes, “Amazon confirmed that the actor will be appearing as a recurring guest star” – but that encounter feels like a long time ago. toWhile there, the idea seemed like just Fun tease on social media hasn’t happened over the years because Morgan’s other commitment, Show the little zombies who can the walking Dead. a set themselves up boys Liked since season 1often comes back to remind Kripke that he wants to be on the Prime Video song.

Previously, there was a show for the third season Which the actor couldn’t commit to, so he’s gI’d like to see it finally happen during boys keep Running in the dark superhero train, something is not Unfamiliar to Morgan (he played the comedian in Zack Snyder’s guards). It is mHe has to be on his nose so much that he can’t turn his heels againso we hope to choose more surprising.

boys sEason four He is currently filming.

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