Joe Biden calls to “protect democracy” and Donald Trump promises “a very big announcement”

Ahead of midterm elections that could reduce him to political powerlessness, Joe Biden launched a last-ditch appeal Monday, Nov. 7, to rally voices around the Democratic camp.

“Time has come for you to defend democracy”The US president campaigned in Bowie, Maryland, a suburb of Washington. “We know our democracy is at stake”He made more promises as the Republican Party nominees gathered in various polls Middle Ages Threaten to meet possible failure. “We’ll be there. Power in America is where it’s always been: in your hands, in the hands of the people.”Joe Biden added.

The choice to go to a historically black university is significant for the 79-year-old Democratic president, who was elected largely because of support from the African-American community, which he has sought to restore in recent days. Facing a generally enthusiastic audience — except for a few vocal protesters who were quickly escorted out by security — he also tried to portray Republicans as the party. “To be set free” Social progress initiated under his mandate.

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“Saving the American Dream”

Donald Trump, November 7, 2022.

Former President Donald Trump, campaigning in Ohio, an industrial Midwestern state emblematic of a globalized America, thinks he has found his future man in the billionaire. Faced with a wave of red hats, the color of Republicans, Donald Trump has raised suspense over a possible announcement of his 2024 candidacy since Monday evening.

“I’m going to make a big announcement at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday, November 15th.”, his home in Florida, he announced. He used the opportunity to paint a very dark picture of America under Joe Biden. A country with rising prices “Strangles homes”Where “Violent crime is out of control” And where is the extreme left “Teaching Our Children”. “There is only one solution to end this madness”As the former President pleaded. “If you want to end the destruction of our country and save the American dream, you must vote Republican tomorrow.”He promised

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Joe Biden, for his part, has so far said he wants to run again in 2024, but his age — soon to be 80 — and his unpopularity have displeased all Democrats at the prospect.

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The Biden administration’s initiatives were examined

This clash of meetings between the current and former presidents completes a campaign that has crudely exposed the divisions of the first world power. Americans will renew the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate. Several key local elected positions are also at stake.

After his meeting, Joe Biden promised again “faith” At the end of the poll. He conceded, however, that keeping control of the House of Representatives was “difficult”. Republicans hope not only to take the Lower House — traditionally the classic scenario in these tough elections for the White House party — but also to seize Joe Biden’s slim control of the powerful Senate.

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Faced with the effectiveness of a Republican campaign focused on inflation, the Democratic president struggled to tout purchasing power reforms that would only be realized in years. So, beyond these economic matters, his camp tried to the end to portray the Republican Party as a threat to social achievements like democracy and abortion rights.

If successful, conservatives vow to scrutinize all of the Biden administration’s efforts, including internationally. Kevin McCarthy, the future Republican boss of the House of Representatives, reiterated on CNN Monday that he doesn’t want to. “No Blank Checks” to Ukraine if his party wins a majority. The White House countered that there would be US support “certain”This could be resolved slowly as the votes are counted – regardless of the outcome of the ballot.

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