Joe Biden vaguely evokes his cancer past as the White House reassures him about his health

Incredibly, Joe Biden spoke about past health issues in the present tense. The president had to make a full recovery in the back of the White House.

Did Joe Biden make another mistake? During his visit to Massachusetts on Wednesday, the US President addressed the environmental issues of this state in the northeast of the country, a state he parallels with Delaware. For about 40 years a senator has been subject to heavy pollution from his oil industry.

“You have to put your windshield wipers on to let the oil drip off the windshield. That’s why I got cancer, and a lot of people who grew up with me. And why, for a very long time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the country,” he said.

Past issues

Very quickly, the line was picked up on social networks, especially by pro-Republican accounts, and was shared thousands of times. On Twitter, several members of the White House were forced to play down the rumor. US President’s medical report in support.

It revealed that several non-melanoma skin cancers had been removed before Joe Biden’s presidency. According to the latest reports, Donald Trump’s successor will no longer suffer from these health problems.

On consulting this document, we learn that these sores “healed perfectly” and that the rest of the leader’s body was examined by a dermatologist. To date, there has been no indication that Joe Biden, who lost one of his sons to the disease, is suffering from a new form of skin cancer.

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