Kendrick Lamar Reveals New Verse on Drake’s Diss “Euphoria” on “Pop Out”

Kendrick Lamar didn’t hold back while opening his “Pop Out” concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night: Not only did he open his set with Drake’s song “Euphoria,” he released a new ode to it:

“Give me back Tupac’s ring and I might pay you a little respect.”

The reference, of course, is to a ring previously owned by the late Tupac Shakur that was purchased at auction by an undisclosed buyer who was It was revealed last year to be Drake. While it’s just the latest verse in a fierce battle between two of the best rappers that Lamar won indisputably — and which was essentially called off after a series of intruders attempted to break into Drake’s home in Toronto — perhaps there’s more to come.

diverse Her full review of the concert — which featured guest appearances from Dr. Dre, Tyler, The Creator, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and others — will be available in the coming hours. The concert was streamed live by Amazon Music and its hip-hop/R&B brand Rotation as part of the company’s “Forever the Influence” celebration of Black musicians and creatives for Black Music Month.

The concert, titled “The Pop Out — Ken and Friends,” takes its name from a different song in the feud, Lamar’s “Not Like Us,” in which he raps, “Sometimes you gotta go out and show your n—s/ Certified bogeyman, I’m the one who scores with them.” The song was a version directed at Drake that was released a month ago and continued to climb to the top of the charts, becoming arguably the most successful of the songs released between Drake and Lamar.

Throughout the battle, the two rappers went into each other’s physical appearance, making accusations of pedophilia and claiming the existence of hidden children. It ended with Drake’s song “The Heart Part 6,” a play on Lamar’s long-running hit series of the same name, and showed that Drake was tired of their feud.

Drake recently referenced the battle with a clip of sexyy Red’s “U My Everything,” where he rapped on producer Metro Boomin’s take on “BBL Drizzy.” Metro helped facilitate the beginning of the beef by featuring Lamar on his song “Like That,” a collaboration with Future that was released in March.

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