kyiv appeals to peacekeepers in Zaporozhye, Putin threatens Europe over gas prices

You missed the latest events of the war Ukraine ? Don’t panic, the stock takes 20 minutes for you every evening at 7:30pm. Who did what? Who said what? Where we are ? Answer below:

Today’s reality

“In the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired artillery 15 times on the border of the city of Energodar and the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant”, the largest in Europe, the Ministry of Defense of Russia said. Three bombs reportedly fell on the site of these facilities, around the same time the IAEA issued its report Plant protection. The agency has called for a “safety zone” around the site and the head of Ukrainian public operator Energoatom has proposed sending it. Blue helmet UN to expel Russian military from plant

Sentence of the day

” [Les Occidentaux] They say Russia is using energy as a weapon. Another nonsense! What weapon do we use? We provide quantity as per demand ยป

During an economic forum dedicated to Asia in Vladivostok, a city on the eastern tip of Russia, Vladimir Putin It refused to use the gas as a “weapon”, while supplies via Nord Stream were halted for several days.

Today’s date

November 4. This is the date Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia, has chosen to propose holding referendums in territories occupied by Russian forces to demand their annexation. “Donetsk, Luhansk and many other Russian cities will finally return to their home ports. The Russian world, today divided by formal borders, will restore its unity,” said Andrei Turchak, Secretary of the General Council of the Party. The Russia Celebrates National Unity Day on November 4.

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The trend of the day

President of the European Commission, Ursula van der LeyenIt proposed a cap to member states on Wednesday Gas price Russia was granted to the European Union. The idea is to “reduce Russia’s income,” which it uses to “finance this brutal war,” denounces the head of the European administration. A sanction that can have serious long-term consequences.

“We will not offer anything if it is against our interests, in this case economic. Gas, oil, or coal (…) nothing,” threatened Vladimir Putin, Vladivostok’s response. Therefore, Europe must step up its search for alternative gas suppliers. In the afternoon, Ursula von Der Leyen had this exchange with the Prime Minister NorwegianIts country has increased gas supplies to the EU.

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