kyiv calls for more powerful weapons, begs London to send multiple rocket launchers

After missiles and missile launchers, and then tanks and artillery, the time has come for many rocket launchers. Boris Johnson confessed on Friday, May 27, to the advance of Russian forces and the shelling of cities such as Kharkiv and Ukraine. In an interview with Bloomberg Television, the British Prime Minister called on the West to provide MLRS (MLRS).M-270 MLRSFor Multi-launch rocket system“Multiple Rocket Launcher”).

According to him, these weapons will allow Ukraine “Defend against Russian artillery”, Especially from the Moscow forces “Continue to get land” In the Donbass area, preparation “Slow progress but (…) Clearly visible “.

For their part, the Ukrainian authorities continue Ask for these kinds of weapons : “Some allies avoid giving the necessary weapons for fear of escalation. Increase? Really? Russia is already using non-nuclear heavy weapons, burning people alive. Maybe it will take time (…) Give us MLRS? ⁇, Tweeted, Friday, Mykhaïlo PodoliakAdviser to the President of Ukraine, with his speech with pictures of Russians using thermophilic weapons that combine the effects of heat, shock wave and reverse explosion.

Thursday, public Oleksi HromovThe deputy head of the Directorate General of Operations for Civil Servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed that the situation for Ukrainian forces was complicated by airstrikes and attacks by the Russian military.

How does a thermoporic bomb work?

In addition to the M-270 MLRS, Ukraine has called Himmers (High Mobility Artillery Rocket SystemMultiple rocket launchers mounted on the truck), the same ammunition shooter.

With a capacity of 277 mm, the M-270 MLRS and Himars-launched rockets are more powerful than conventional artillery and have already fought in two Gulf Wars, 1990-1991 and In 2003.

After the Javelin missiles and Stinger missiles, the administration of US President Joe Biden has already decided to supply the M-777 howitzers, i.e. 155mm rifles in the 21 to 40 km range. Ammunition type. During his last conference, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby The United States said Examined the request of the Ukrainian authorities regarding the MLRS. According to CNNThe announcement may be made next week. Army officials told the store that it would take about two weeks to train Ukrainian gunmen in the rocket launcher system.

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