Live – Ukraine: Russian and pro-Russian forces enter Lysyansk

“Street fights” are taking place in Lyciansk, near Chevrolet Donetsk

On Saturday, Russian and pro-Russian forces entered Lysyansk, and “street fighting” is now taking place in the neighboring city of Severdonetsk, a strategic lock on eastern Ukraine captured by Moscow, separatists said.

“People’s fighters of the Lukansk People’s Republic and the Russian army have entered the city of Lysyansk. Some businesses in the city have already been captured. Street fights are now taking place there,” a spokesman told The Telegram. Pro-Russian separatists, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrei Morocco.

Spain has voted on a new 9 billion aid package to combat the economic impact of the conflict in Ukraine.

The Spanish government this Saturday announced a new nine billion euro aid package to mitigate the economic consequences of the conflict in Ukraine.

Presenting the move at a press conference in Madrid, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the direct assistance would last until the end of this year, if added to the six billion euros already taken in March. Total 15 billion euros or “more than one point in our country’s GDP”.

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Ukraine and Moldova’s EU candidates: kyiv says Russia’s condemnation shows its weakness

In Kiev on Saturday, the Kremlin condemned the Kremlin’s condemnation of the “geopolitical grip” aimed at Russia, following the granting of EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova.

“After decades of failed policies based on aggression, coercion and disrespect, Russia is left to spit out threats against other states. This shows Russia’s weakness,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Twitter.

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Russia says it has killed up to 80 Polish militants

Russia said on Saturday it had killed “up to 80” Polish militants in a bombing in eastern Ukraine, where fighting is raging between forces from Kyiv and Moscow.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that 80 Polish mercenaries, 20 armored fighter jets and eight Great Multiple rocket launchers were destroyed in the most accurate armed attack on the Megadex zinc plant in the Konstantinovka region. .

This claim has not been independently verified.

Russian strikes from Belarus: accuses Moscow of trying to drag Minsk into “war”.

On Saturday, Kyiv accused Russia’s embassy ally Minsky of plotting to “war” in Ukraine. Russian missiles were said to have been fired from neighboring Belarus on a Ukrainian village.

“Today’s strike is directly related to the Kremlin’s efforts to involve Belarus in the war in Ukraine,” the Ukrainian Directorate General of Intelligence, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Defense, told the Telegram.

Missiles were fired from Moscow’s ally Belarus into Ukraine

The Ukrainian military said on Saturday that missiles had been fired from Moscow’s diplomatic ally Belarus into the Chernivtsi border area in Ukraine.

“At 05:00 am, the Chernihiv region was hit by a massive missile. Twenty rockets aimed at the village of Tesna and fired (more) from the air over Belarusian territory,” the Northern Command said in a statement. Ukrainian troops have stated that there were “no casualties” at this point.

Polish flag removed from memorial in Russia amid tensions between Moscow and Warsaw

Russian officials have removed the Polish flag from a memorial to thousands of poles massacred by the Soviets amid tensions between Moscow and Warsaw over Ukraine.

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On Friday evening, Smolensk Mayor Andrei Borissov confirmed the removal of the flag by releasing a photo of the Russian flag flying alone at the entrance to the Katyn Memorial in the Smolensk region of western Russia.

“Russian monuments can not have the Polish flag. It will be less after the anti-Russian statements of Polish politicians,” Andrei Borisov said on the Russian social network on his VKontakte account.

Poland, a member of NATO, has provided arms and support to Ukraine.

Moscow condemns formalization of Ukraine’s candidacy for EU

While Ukraine is officially the candidate to join the EU, Moscow on Friday denounced it as a “geopolitical capture” of “having Russia.”

The decision of the twenty-seven members of the European Union to recognize this nomination and Moldova will be actively pursued by Russia, the ministry said, adding that the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, which affirms the geopolitical monopoly of many of the former Soviet Union territories) is actively pursuing Russia in order to control Russia. .

kyiv is asking its allies to give “fire equality” against Moscow

Ukraine is urging its allies to give “fire equality” with Russian forces to “stabilize” the situation in Donbass after the withdrawal of its troops from Chevrolet Donetsk.

“I emphasize the need to achieve fire equality with the enemy, which will allow the stabilization of the situation in the most dangerous Luhansk region,” Valery Zalushny, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said in a telephone conversation. With his U.S. envoy, General Mark Millie.

Ukraine continues to demand more heavy weapons from its allies to counter Russia’s strike force, especially in the industrial region of Donbass in the east of the country, which has already been controlled by pro-Russian separatists since 2014, and Moscow has promised. Completely successful.

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Ukrainian forces withdrew from Severodonetsk

Ukrainian forces were ordered on Friday to withdraw from Chevroletonetsk. The city in the east of the country had until then been the scene of fierce fighting with the Russian army.

“It does not make sense to be in a position that has been under constant bombardment for months,” Luhansk Governor Sergei Keita told the Telegram on Friday.


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