London takes the risk of a deep crisis with Brussels

Boris Johnson takes the risk of provoking a new and deeper crisis between the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) despite the war in Ukraine. Within three years of signing the Brexit agreement with Brussels, the British Prime Minister is unilaterally questioning a key part of this international agreement. A bill, announced in May, was released, along with the Northern Ireland Protocol Officially filed in the House of Commons on Monday, June 13thDowning Street wants to get rid of the whole segment of Northern Irish Protocol, avoiding the unique and dual position of Northern Ireland, which is still part of the European domestic market despite being one of the UK countries – with the aim of avoiding the “tough” border on the island of Ireland.

The bill severely relaxes the customs restrictions introduced by the Code in the Irish Sea, removing all restrictions from Great Britain to the Northern Irish market (only products sold in the Republic of Ireland can be verified). This text removes the oversight role of EU court protocol and gives British ministers the right to change everything in the protocol (government assistance, VAT, etc.).

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Is the goal of British Secretary of State Liz Truss “Protect” The Good Friday Peace Accord of 1998 (by ending the civil war between trade unionists and nationalists loyal to London and supporters of Ireland’s reunification), which, in his view, would be ethically disrupted, would be seen by the Unionists as a serious attack on their British identity. Boris Johnson’s less convincing aim was to persuade the DUP, the main trade union party, to form an executive with the nationalists in Belfast. DUP leaders believe that by the end of 2019, the head of government has betrayed the promise that the protocol will not be introduced. “No” Control in the Irish Sea, now threatening to free Downing Street from it.

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Avalanche of negative reactions

To Europeans, the Northern Ireland Code of Conduct is a clear violation of the UK’s international obligations. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Covini has apologized for accepting a speech. “Violation of Britain’s obligations under international law”. European Commission Vice President Maros Sefkovic condemned the move “Unilateral action undermining mutual trust”. He also announced that the Commission would consider resuming the illegal process, which began in March 2021, when London – already – unilaterally decided to extend the grace period at which customs controls at sea did not apply to Ireland, a time of economic reshuffle.

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