“M3GAN” Gets “SOULM8TE” Spinoff From Atomic Monster, Blumhouse

M3GANthe hit horror film from director James Wan and Blumhouse director Jason Blum’s Atomic Monster, is getting a spinoff.

Both companies, known for their terrifying productions, are in active development SOULM8TEa suspense film that expands the scope M3GAN universe, according to Wan and Bloom, who are producing the project.

SOULM8TE On the fast track: The project’s release date is already set for January 2, 2026 via Universal. This is a similar dock M3GANwhich opened on January 6, 2023 before making its way to $181 million worldwide.

Kate Dolan, who directed the 2021 thriller You are not my mother, on board to direct the feature. She also rewrote the script originally written by Rafael Jordaens (Marine Corps Rescue). The story is written by Wan, Ingrid Bisso, and Jordan.

The film is described as a gripping thriller, which sees a man acquire an artificially intelligent robot to deal with the loss of his recently deceased wife. In his attempt to create a truly sentient partner, he inadvertently turns a harmless love robot into a deadly soulmate.

The project aims to return to domestic thrillers from the 90s but with a modern technological twist.

“Fundamentally, I see this film as an exploration of relationships and loneliness,” Dolan said in a statement. “Despite technological advances, there are persistent human truths that we cannot escape, and I look forward to delving into those depths.”

Wan’s Atomic Monster’s Michael Clare and Judson Scott are executive producers, along with Bisu. Alayna Glasthal is the executive director supervising the Atomic Monster project.

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“SOULM8TE is an exciting and enticing addition to… M3GAN Universe,” Wan stated.

This includes the growing universe m3jan 2.0, The sequel is scheduled to open on June 27, 2025. Stars Allison Williams and Violet McGraw return.

Dolan, who the mom It premiered in the Midnight Madness sidebar at TIFF where it won a runner-up People’s Choice Award, and is repped by Independent Talent Group, Exile Entertainment, and Jackoway Tyerman.

Jordan is represented by radio diplomacy.

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