Maddie Case: Julia’s family reacts for the first time to what they say is a missing girl

Madeleine McCann, a British woman, disappeared while staying at a hotel in Portugal on May 3, 2007, just days before her fourth birthday. For the past week, a young German living in Poland has been calling herself Maddy. Faced with the media frenzy caused by his comments, his family decided to respond.

He is demanding a DNA test to prove he is Maddie McCann, a British woman who disappeared in Portugal in 2007, and is releasing photographs of body parts. He has been asking for weeks that investigators examine the trail and submit it for DNA testing. . This young German, named Julia, shared this belief on social networks, which caused excitement in her case.

In the caption of her Instagram account, IamMadeleineMcCann, which now has more than a million followers, the 21-year-old claims to have few memories of her childhood and explains that she was unable to obtain a birth certificate from her. His parents.

This Wednesday, February 22, Julia’s family responded with a press release issued by the Polish Association for the Support of Relatives of the Disappeared. In a text, especially circulated on the association’s Facebook page and viewed by our colleagues Voice of the NorthThe family has denied the girl’s comments recently.

“He always wanted to be famous”

“It is clear to us as a family that Julia was our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and niece. We have memories, we have photos,” her loved ones wrote. They add that Julia has these photos and her birth certificate. The family notes that they have always supported the young woman who was prone to health problems, as her family notes that they accompanied her to several psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, etc.

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“We’ve always tried to help her get back on her feet. Julia’s been of legal age for years. She’s drifted away. She refuses treatment and continues to take medication.”, her family notes, she implicitly emphasizes that the affair is for the young woman, which brings her into the limelight. “He always wanted to be famous. What’s happening now is he’s got 1 million followers.” The family says they are devastated by the current situation Clearly Julia is not Maddy”.

Relatives of the young woman do not want to be interviewed and conclude by saying that they have given all the necessary evidence in the case.

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