Mali: French military images bury Russian “mercenary” bodies

The French military has used a drone to bury the bodies of Russian “mercenaries” near the Kochi base in northern Mali. According to him, the plot was aimed at accusing the French of leaving a mass grave behind. In this video, French civil servants describe what they call an “information attack” and access to the AFP, where Caucasian soldiers can be seen wrapping themselves around sand-covered corpses.

Meanwhile, Thea Diara, who calls herself an “ex-soldier” and a “Malian patriot”, posted pictures of the mass grave on her Twitter account, including a photo of pale corpses buried in the sand. By a video. The comment in the first post was: “This is what the French left when they left the site in Kochi (…), and we can not remain silent about it!” “According to French public servants, Thea Deora’s account is a fake account created by the Russian private military company Wagner.

Is it a ploy to discredit the Barclays?

“It simply came to our notice then. The French military says it represents a number of intelligence attacks carried out by French soldiers over the months, and considers it “possible to compare photos posted on Twitter with images collected by special censorship.”

Yet according to the French military this “testifies to the methods of action carried out by Wagner’s mercenaries, who have been observed and condemned by many international organizations and voluntary organizations since they were recruited in (his) Central African Republic”. As part of its withdrawal from Mali, it was announced last February. The French military on Tuesday officially handed over the keys to the Gossie base to the Malian Armed Forces (FAMA).It housed 300 French soldiers.

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The The French army withdrew from Mali The decision was made in the context of tensions between France and the military junta in power, with Wagner’s services being blamed by Westerners. Bamako, for its part, inspires simple Russian advisers. On Tuesday, Gossie warned employees to anticipate information attacks during the handover of the site.

A spokesman for the public service, Colonel Pascal Ioni, noted that the site’s “documented” list had been drawn up to protect France from possible charges. “Several months ago, French forces were accused of kidnapping (…), supplying weapons to terrorists and abusing them,” Colonel Ioni recalled.

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