Mario Draghi had his resignation rejected by President Sergio Mattarella

In the wake of the crisis, the Five Star Movement, a member of the coalition that boycotted the confidence vote in the Senate, broke up. The Speaker of the House is due to address MPs on Wednesday 20 July.

Those who believed Mario Draghi was installed as president of the Italian Council until spring 2023 were cruelly disappointed on Thursday. Because Italy is once again plunged into a political crisis, the outcome of which is still uncertain. On Thursday evening, Council President Mario Draghi submitted his resignation letter to President Sergio Mattarella. But he immediately rejected her. and openly asked him to stand before Parliament to gauge the support that his present government might yet gain. Because Sergio Mattarella, at a time when Italy has to deal with several crises, including the energy crisis and the return of inflation that impoverishes its population, while having to implement a 200 billion euro investment plan with the aid of Europe. Mario Draghi’s government, which bailed out Italy’s debt abroad, intends to do everything to ensure it lasts until the end of parliament next May.

Therefore, on Wednesday July 20, Mario Draghi, who has not formally resigned since it was rejected, will have to address the members of parliament who must take up their responsibilities. Italy’s fate could change in five days. Because we know from February 2021 that the majority his government relies on can still function, despite the approaching elections, forcing everyone to do their part. Or in the opposite case, the President should call an early election in the fall.

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At the origin of the crisis, “the breakdown of the Five Star Movement that supported theGovernment of National UnityIn its creation in February 2021. After days of clashes, verbal threats and fruitless mediations between Mario Draghi and the movement’s leader Giuseppe Conte, M5S senators decided not to vote on a 23 billion euro aid plan to support families. businesses, which included a vote of confidence in the government. A very small excuse in light of the real stakes for the whole country: the reserve in the decree-law was submitted to a referendum of a quality that would allow Rome to acquire a waste incinerator, which they consider expensive, polluting and inefficient.

But behind this gap, a desperate attempt by a movement to win back some absentee voters from 34% in 2018 to reach 11% turnout in the next assembly elections. “The Five Star leaders have been plotting for months to open up the crisis to end Draghi’s government“Thursday Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Foreign Affairs and former leader of the movement, who left him a month ago, has found a new parliamentary group, IPF for Insieme per il Futuro. And he explains:They were hoping to lift the polls after a nine-month election campaign, but they condemned the country’s descent into economic and social decline.An ill-conceived strategy is dangerous as the movement faces a major defeat in the next elections. In any case, M5S senators chose on Thursday afternoon to leave the hemicycle during the vote.

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A large majority

Nevertheless, Mario Draghi no longer has the huge majority that supported his government when the vote of confidence in the government was passed by 172 votes. Mario Draghi, who warned the entire political class of the consequences of this rupture, immediately took note of it, and, in accordance with his announcement, went to the Quirinal to speak with the President.

Convening his cabinet on Thursday evening to announce his resignation, Mario Draghi justified his decision as follows:The majority of national unity that has supported this government since its formation is no more. A trust agreement based on government action has disappeared.“The Chairman of the Board said”I tried to respond to the demands made on me by the political forces and tried to continue on a common path.In fact, Giuseppe Conte sent him a note a week ago with nine points of his conditions for a majority of the Five Star Movement: including a minimum wage (not in Italy) and a package of measures in favor of poor families.

Also, summoning the social parties three days ago, the Draghi government promised to present an income policy for the benefit of the most disadvantaged workers, including the establishment of a minimum wage and the renewal of collective agreements by the end of July. However, Draghi refused to give in to Giuseppe Conte’s request to finance additional aid by increasing the deficit. “This vote in Parliament shows that this effort is not enough», notes Mario Draghi, who recalls the existence.He always said that the working group would move forward only if there was a clear chance of implementing the program of the government that the political forces had voted for with confidence. This unity is fundamental in facing the challenges of these months. These conditions are not met today.In a press conference two days ago, he vowed that there would be no other Draghi government.

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