Mario Strikers Battle League reviews say it’s tough but thin

Mario and Bowser stare at each other in the motion picture of Mario Strikers: Battle League on Switch.

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For the first time in over a decade, Mario is back on the pitch. Mario Strikers: Battle League, a revival of Nintendo’s long-dormant soccer series, hits the Nintendo Switch on Friday. Nintendo did not provide Kotaku With an early version of the game to review. We’re testing it, and its press cycle, at your side.

As of this writing, Mario Strikers: Battle League he is Sitting at 75 on Metacritic, the review aggregation site, indicates that the reception is scattered across the field. Most reviewers agree that it features some powerful soccer gameplay mechanics. They also say that it definitely brings back the antics from the original games, being the ludicrous – and much funnier – antithesis to it. Some other football series. But Battle League It received criticism for its lack of single-player gameplay styles and the notable absence of some of the main characters who have been a part of the series since its heyday in the mid-2000s (Sorry Daisy lovers).

Kotaku She will have her own ideas about Mario Strikers: Battle League very soon. Meanwhile, here’s what critics have to say:

“[Battle League] presents himself more like Mario Kart from something like Mario Golf: Super Rush. In other words, there is no primary story or presentation of her campaign or her world. It’s a colorful series of short, roughly four-minute matches of 5v5 soccer matches. If you like it, the forgettable robot spell brings you a tutorial. But other than that, you just have to start the game and get right onto the playing field. Unfortunately, if you want to learn more about the characters or how to intercept a lob pass, the game hides additional information in a guide that can only be accessed between matches. Unlike many sports and many sequels, really, attackers Avoids the spirit of more.” — Ana Diaz

“This version of Strikers isn’t without character – a lot of times I’ll see Wario holding a soccer ball under his arm like a big cheat, or watch another dance celebration of the really weird Waluigi, and he’ll leave with a chuckle. Being able to execute a Hyper Strike when an opponent slips in to stop you Very satisfying. Indeed, there is a suggestion that the game will receive a list of post-launch updates with more characters to follow. But even with these, and even if you end up with the Weekly Strikers Club, it’s hard to look at the thin package of modes on offer now compared to something like Rocket League, the other non-football game, then factor in Nintendo’s typical RRP-boxed Switch, and you’ll still be able to recommend a Battle League game for a quick kick-off. – Tom Phillips

IGN (8/10)

Mario Strikers: Battle League It’s part skillful soccer, part ruthless grit, and it’s always a complete blast to play. If you’ve played any games in the series before, there won’t be many surprises in the store for you, and the small list of characters and game modes is certainly disappointing, but what’s there is incredibly fun and replayable. I’m a fan of the online situation in my time with it thus far, because it paves the way for a ranked playlist I’m looking forward to making my way to the top..” — Travis Northup

Toad runs toward a soccer ball but explodes in Mario Strikers: Battle League on the Nintendo Switch.

screenshot: nintendo

“Quite frankly, Mario Strikers: Battle League It is a bit weak experience overall. There’s no story campaign, just 10 playable characters, six items (including a completely broken Mario Invincibility Star, which might also equate to a free target), and a host of other weird design options that feel empty enough to leave a blank echo when tapped. . … I really wish Joie de Vivre had switched over to gameplay Mario Streakers, which at its core is a mediocre soccer arcade game with just a few Nintendo brand bells and whistles. I think I had fun at times, but I think deep down that if I had paid full retail price for it, I would have walked away feeling less benevolent about the whole thing.” — Joel Franny

Mario Strikers: Battle League May be mechanically denser Mario Sports game played. The latest football spin-off Mushroom Kingdom looks to take the sport seriously, letting you match passes, tackle, dribble and cancel moves as the situation calls for, even before considering it’s uniquely silly Mario fluctuations. This sets the skill ceiling high which can give the game a long life, but its potential is held back by the fact that there isn’t much to do.” – Steve Watts

“With regard to status and content, Mario Streakers A little light, depending on how many people you have at your disposal. …in the modern age of bells and whistles, seasonal passes and hyper-progression, you’ll feel light for many potential players, and you’ll feel simple/unexploited for others. But it goes beyond this discussion. Even in the context of “old school arcade action,” the general lack of unlockable items (especially early on) is noticeable. is similar to switch sportsYou really have to be in the mind of that attackers It is a multiplayer first, whether done locally or online.” — Chris Carter

Mario Strikers: Battle League may not be the definitive version of the world’s most popular sport, but the strategic matches, fun online modes, and lively animations make it an enjoyable experience. While the single-player audience may find the game somewhat lacking, the return of Nintendo to pitch will bring the same victorious highs, weaker end-of-friendship that the company’s suite of other party titles are known for.” – Alex Stadnyk

This is not to say Mario Strikers: Battle League He is destined to disappoint. For fans who have been waiting for over a decade, the lack of content (only 10 characters!) is sure to be a bit disappointing. But Nintendo recently confirmed to detective game More Mushroom Kingdom members will be added to the roster as free DLC, although it’s not said who’s coming or when they’ll join. Fingers crossed for Daisy!

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