Mariupol still under siege, bombings in Kharkiv, dangerous silence in Gramadorsk

Ukrainian players stood up and applauded at the Invictus game

The opening ceremony of the fifth edition of the Invictus Games, a sports meet between injured players organized on the model of the Paralympic Games, made it possible to pay tribute to the Ukrainian team on Saturday. Despite the Russian invasion of the country on February 24, its members on a trip to The Hague in the Netherlands were well received by the public.

“Your courage and your desire to come here cannot be overstated.”, Said Prince Harry, who attended the opening ceremony. The crew said they had arrived “Not just to show on this world stage [sa] Forced but must say [sa] True “Related Harry.

We think “Your team members can not be here because they are fighting in the front row”, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced his role during the ceremony. “Of course we think of those Ukrainians from the Invictus community who paid the final price for their fighting during the war.”He added.

The Ukrainian group has since expressed regret over the deaths of several members of the Invictus community and the absence of a participant from the beginning of the fighting, who will be imprisoned as Mariupol. The coach of the team, Dimitro Sidoruk, the silver medalist in the third edition of the Invictus Games in 2017, was killed on the battlefield two weeks ago.

More than 500 participants from more than sixteen countries are taking part in the event, which has been postponed twice due to the Govt-19 epidemic and is set to end on April 22.

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