Marvel’s Avengers is reportedly announcing the end of development ‘early next week’

Update 1/21/23: After yesterday’s report about the imminent demise of Marvel’s Avengers, developer Crystal Dynamics has made it official, confirming that the final update for the game will arrive on March 31st of this year with support ending on September 30th.

Crystal Dynamics has indicated that the single-player and multiplayer components of Marvel’s Avengers will still be available when support ends in September. blog postHowever, last November’s update 2.7, which introduced Winter Soldier, was confirmed to be the final release of the game’s content, and March update 2.8 will bring the final balance.

In addition, there are no new cosmetics coming to Marvel’s Avengers – making the recent highly unpopular cosmetics the last in the game – and the paid Marketplace will be shut down in September when development officially ends.

It has been confirmed that the Winter Soldier version of Marvel’s Avengers is the latest content update.

From March 31st onwards, in-game Premium Credits will no longer be purchasable, and players’ remaining credit will be converted into in-game resources, as described below.

All remaining tokens will be converted into in-game resources from March 31st.

Finally, as a show of our “appreciation” to the game’s community, all Marketplace items, challenge pass, and ship-in cosmetics – including outfits, skins, emotes, and nameplates – will be made available free of charge to all players from March 31st “onwards”.

Original story 1/20/23: Crystal Dynamics is said to be preparing to announce the end of development on the beleaguered live-action superhero game Marvel’s Avengers, with official news said to be releasing “early next week.”

This is according to trusted Marvel’s Avengers leaker Miller Ross, citing sources at Crystal Dynamics in a Expo storyHe says the studio initially intended to continue supporting the game in the back half of 2023, but recent events surrounding lead developer Brian Wagoner — who has reportedly left the company now that he was publicly disciplined For his earlier offensive tweets – he hastened the project’s demise.

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Ross’ sources say Wagner won’t be replaced after his departure, leaving only a “small team” of developers still working on Marvel’s Avengers, most of whom are already sharing their time with other Crystal Dynamics projects, including Tomb Raider from Amazon.

As part of Marvel’s Avengers’ planned “exit strategy” after official news of their demise, Crystal Dynamics will release a number of major changes to the systems, including the removal of the artificial time portal and an overhaul of cosmetic microtransactions. Additionally, a final scheduled update should address balancing navigation through the existing superhero roster in response to complaints that older heroes feel more “slow” than newer additions.

Marvel’s Avengers will reportedly remain on sale digitally until “at least September,” with efforts being made to “keep the game playable for existing owners for as long as possible.”

Current and former employees contacted for Ross’ report reportedly described Marvel’s Avengers project as “a fountain of potential installed by Marvel Games’ incompetent and bureaucratic studio management,” with unreleased content – which will never see the light of day – including A boss-based roaming bonus mode known as Patrol Mode, plus additional heroes Strong woman and Captain Marvel.

The latest big update for Marvel’s Avengers Arrived in november, adding Bucky Barnes – AKA the Winter Soldier – to his superhero lineup. Since then, the goodwill of the community has been wiped out due to Crystal Dynamics’ The decision to sell versions without a helmet of cosmetics for $14.

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