Message from Roman Abramovich, Poison in Kiev

Fear rather than harm. Shortly before Monday, We inform you that Roman Abramovich was the victim of an attempted poisoningIn kyiv, in early March, the future owner of Chelsea, who was part of the Russian-Ukrainian delegation, began negotiations between the two camps in the wake of the war in Ukraine. Sky Sports The Russian oligarchy at this time assures us that he is well and that there is no threat to his life after this incident, which confirms the positive information that is being spread in this regard.

What happens after this ad

Blues did not want to respond to this message. Investigation site BellingwoodAccording to the British media, Roman Abramovich and other negotiators were particularly affected by the poisoning attempt. “Piercing pain in the eyes”. The incident may not have been intended to kill the target, but the dose used to intimidate them was not enough to have dangerous consequences.

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