Microsoft has called out PlayStation for its defense against the FTC lawsuit

Update January 24, 2023, 10:53AM BST: This article previously reported that Microsoft was seeking details on the PlayStation game product line, but the quote in question was actually referring to production documents. VGC regrets this error.

Microsoft Presented Sony Interactive Entertainment With a subpoena as it looks to build its defense against a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit.

According to the court filing, the X-Box The manufacturer wants Sony to disclose information believed to be relevant to its case, which may include confidential details that Sony would be reluctant to share with its competitor if possible.

“Negotiations between SIE and Microsoft regarding SIE’s production scope and discovery schedule are ongoing,” the file reads, referring to the unspecified documents it requested.

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After a one-week extension, Sony has until January 27 to move to limit, cancel, or otherwise respond to the subpoena.

In December, the FTC announced plans to sue Microsoft Attempt to stop its $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzardwhich the regulator argues will enable the company to “suppress competitors” to its Xbox console, subscription content and cloud gaming business.

Among other concerns, the FTC and Sony have expressed concerns about the possibility of a deal It greatly reduces PlayStation’s ability to competegiven that it will see Microsoft acquire ownership of the Call of Duty series, which Described by Sony as “irreplaceable”.

In their responses to the FTC complaint, Microsoft and Activision argued that their merger would be competitive and benefit consumers by making the Call of Duty publisher’s games more widely available.

In an effort to address regulatory concerns, Microsoft recently said it did Sony was offered a legally enforceable 10-year contract To make every new Call of Duty game available on PlayStation the same day it’s available on Xbox.

The Federal Trade Commission said earlier this month that there No “substantial” settlement talks have taken place with Microsoft during the proposed acquisition. If it goes to trial, the case will be decided during hearings scheduled for August 2023.