NASA spacewalk outside the International Space Station postponed

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It was a space walk Delayed Due to “a spacesuit discomfort issue,” the International Space Station said in a post on X. A new date or date for the spacewalk has not yet been announced.

Astronauts Tracy C. Dyson and Matt Dominik are scheduled to emerge from the International Space Station’s airlock to perform a number of tasks, including removing a faulty electronics box from the communications antenna on the right side of the station in the United States’ 90th spacewalk. According to NASA, the astronauts also planned to collect samples “for analysis to understand the ability of microorganisms to survive and reproduce on the outer surface of the orbiting laboratory.”

After a spacewalk Reschedule The mission has been completed, and NASA will announce the astronauts who will participate in the 91st and 92nd American spacewalks, scheduled to take place on June 24 and July 2.

Is there life there? NASA’s latest spacewalk takes a new approach

How to watch a NASA spacewalk outside the International Space Station

NASA will broadcast the spacewalk once an updated date and time is announced. You can watch it on NASA+NASA TV, NASA application, YoutubeAnd the agency website.

Who are the NASA astronauts who walk in space?

NASA astronauts Dyson and Dominic will complete America’s 90th spacewalk. The spacewalk was postponed Thursday morning due to a “spacesuit issue,” and the time and date have not yet been announced.

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This will be the fourth spacewalk for Dyson, who will wear a suit with red stripes, and the first for Dominic, who will wear a non-marking suit.

Dyson has been on the International Space Station since March 2024, its third trip into space. Dominic has also been on the ISS since March, and is the commander of the SpaceX Crew-8 mission on the ISS.

Boeing Starliner astronauts stay on the International Space Station to assist in spacewalks

NASA said that the two astronauts from Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft, which successfully launched and docked at the International Space Station last week, extended their stay on the space station to assist in the spacewalk.

Sonny Williams and Butch Wilmore planned to stay on the International Space Station for only a week but are now scheduled to return to Earth no later than Tuesday, June 18.

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