New Google Messages and Contacts app icons are in beta

However, none of the new messaging features have been activated yet

Despite previous missteps, Google has started to take messaging more seriously in recent times. It has been pushing hard for RCS adoption to deliver a seamless messaging experience across devices. The company even manages a file Get the messaging campaign and has Shame Apple in public Several times to get him on the RCS buggy. Recently, Big G announced a Lots of new features for Google Messages, including threaded replies, starred suggestions, reminders, and YouTube integration. Visual changes were limited to the new icons for the Messages, Phone, and Contacts apps. While the new features in the Messages app are yet to be rolled out, it appears that the new codes are being rolled out widely on the beta channel.


We’re seeing new Messages and Contacts app icons on many of our devices after installing the latest beta update from the Play Store. The Wear OS Messages app has also received an update in the beta channel with the new icon. We haven’t yet seen the new Phone app icon on our devices.

Unlike the previous version, the new Messages and Contacts app icons do not use shadows and feature a white background instead of blue. Together with the Google Chat app, you can easily tell that all three apps belong to the same family and follow a similar design language. There is dynamic themes support, so the new icons will blend perfectly with other icons on your home screen.

As Google widely rolls out the icon for its new Messages and Contacts apps on the beta channel, the public release shouldn’t be far behind. The company has also already updated the Messages list in the Play Store with the new app icon. This also hints at new features being rolled out sooner rather than later to help deliver a better messaging experience.

If you are not on the beta channel for Google Messages or Contacts, you can Download APK file from APKMirror To enable new icons.

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