New shooting in US last night: Gunman opens fire at food court, kills three – view from Indianapolis mall before passerby is shot

A gunman opened fire in a shopping mall food court outside Indianapolis on Sunday, killing three people before a bystander shot and killed the attacker, a police chief said. Greenwood, Jim Eisen. Two other people were injured in the early morning drama at Greenwood Park Mall, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The man entered the Greenwood Park Mall with a gun and several rounds of ammunition and began shooting in the food court Sunday evening, Greenwood Police Chief Jim Eisen said.

“The real hero today is the citizen who legally carried a gun in this food court, who was able to stop the shooter as soon as he started,” Jim Eisen told reporters.

The gunman who opened fire on the crowd was alone and had a gun and several bullets, the newspaper said. Police have not released the names of the dead, the shooters or bystanders. Shoppers and mall workers dispersed or took cover after hearing the gunshots.

Indianapolis Police Deputy Chief Chris Bailey said: “We are sickened by another incident like this in our country. There are no serious threats in the area, Bailey said. Greenwood is a southern suburb of Indianapolis with a population of about 60,000. Mayor Mark Myers said, “Prayers for the victims and our first responders.” asked, saying in a statement: “This tragedy strikes at the heart of our community.”

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