NFL Expert Picks, Predictions & Lines: Week 3

NFL expert picks, predictions, and streaks for Week 4 highlighted by Pittsburgh in Cleveland, Buffalo in Miami, and Green Bay in Tampa Bay

* Next to the pick means the team will win, but not a cap.
Click on each game to preview the game and predict CFN

Pittsburgh in Cleveland

Font: Cleveland -4.5, o/u: 38.5

Evan Bredson, Pittsburgh
Jeff Ferrer, CFN: Cleveland *
Pete Futak, CFN: Cleveland *
Cammy Griffin Cleveland
Phil Harrison, Pittsburgh
Joy Ecks,
Jeremy Moss
Big Ben Niewoehner game, CFN Cleveland
E, CFN Cleveland
Tyler Nettuno
Zach Pearson, Pittsburgh
Nick Shchpowski, Pittsburgh
Scott Steen, Cleveland
Clucko the Chicken (Click Metal), CFN: Cleveland
Compatibility selection: Cleveland *

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