Nuclear threat against France: “We are clearly playing Russian roulette”, an expert analyzes

With the intensity of the view diminishing, the war in Ukraine seems to be taking a new turn. However, the nuclear threat will continue to weigh heavily on France. What are the consequences of a nuclear attack on our soil? Is France ready? Jean-Marie Colin, expert and spokesman for Icon France (International Campaign for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons) is analyzing the catastrophic situation.

Jean-Marie Collin is an expert and spokespersonFranceThe International Campaign for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, a coalition that won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. It understands France’s level prevention policy and the potential consequences of a nuclear attack on our soil.

Relations between Ukraine and Russia are deteriorating. In France, is the Russian nuclear threat still there?

Russia’s nuclear deterrent works as permanently as France’s nuclear deterrent. Currently, France may be a target, as President Putin has stated various clear threats. The threat is heightened today by wartime by various statements by President Putin. But even if this war is stopped, Russia will unfortunately be prepared to use its nuclear weapons defenses and arsenals.

This crisis in Ukraine illustrates the problem of targeting nuclear weapons. Just as Russia and China are targeting France and the United Kingdom and some NATO member states, France is likely to target both Russia and China. This is a fact that operates all the time outside of this conflict.

Paradoxically, is nuclear disarmament sufficient to prevent a nuclear war?

This is a bet that every nuclear-armed state will make. The bet is based on elusive. The big question is: how long is it possible for us that no state decides to use nuclear weapons? We are clearly playing Russian roulette.

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If France was hit by a nuclear attack, are there any procedures in place? If so, what are they?

The scene of the last three weeks shows that even if other powers are not directly involved in the conflict, a head of state may decide to resort to nuclear weapons. The nuclear strike could take place in one of the major French cities, perhaps in the capital or, for example, in Bristol, which has large military and nuclear infrastructure.

The affected people will evaporate. No time to warn. According to unofficial information, a nuclear missile can be detected as early as 10 or 15 minutes (it hits the ground, the author notes). There are no opportunities to warn people. Even if you can, there is no system to protect people.

This is the logic of the French government: we bet that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will repel any attack from the enemy country. If we ever create fall shelters, we will convince our opponent that our barrier is not so strong. In fact, creating fall brackets is a weakness. The logic of France is to allocate all budget avenues only to nuclear deterrence.

Are bunkers really that useful?

The bunker is a little fashionable. Merchants of illusions say that buying a bunker will protect you. Even if you are protected at this time, you can still live behind you. However, as we know it today, we realize that life is no longer possible. In fact, bunkers do not serve any purpose.

The Icon (International Campaign for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons) was highlighted by the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), which said that in the event of a nuclear attack, the humanitarian consequences would be dire. Single state. Back then, people who could come out alive face society and the unimaginable way of life today.

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What are the key steps for French nuclear deterrence?

In the general literature, France has less than 300 nuclear weapons. Much of this arsenal is distributed throughout its strategic navy. Essentially he is the second respondent. Today, two submarines appear to be at sea, ready to use their nuclear weapons. Each submarine has 16 missiles with 4 to 6 warships. So there are 64 and 96 weapons in one device. The ability is very powerful. A submarine is many times Hiroshima.

Germany announces development of anti-missile system Can it protect against nuclear attacks?

Germany’s anti-missile system aims to destroy medium-range ballistic missiles. They do not have the capability of intercontinental ballistic missiles to be launched by Russia.

If Germany acquires these anti-missile systems, if they can stop nine missiles and pass one-tenth, the latter will transform the German, European and world community into another organization. There was no reason for the nuclear attack. There is at least one thing: working to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons.

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