Only someone who knows the Latin words of Julius Caesar will get a 10/10 on this test.

Quiz – “Caesarizer”, “Sir”… The Roman emperor who died 2067 years ago left his mark not only on history but also on language. Do you know his legacy?

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Julius Caesar was assassinated on March 15, 44 BC. J.-C, “Ides of March” day under the “Portico of Pompeii” where the Roman Senate met. Master of Rome and Italy, he profoundly changed the Roman Republic and was named Dictator. Thanks to the writings of the writer Suetonius, who brought us these famous quotations, their imprint on history has come down to us. Do you know them?

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From the famous family of the people of Julia, who had been in use since the moneylender Sextus Julius and died at the age of 55, Julius Caesar had an eventful youth – notably his capture by Sicilian pirates – before revealing himself as a soldier and great political strategist. His name was taken by the Roman emperors in his honor. When one is said to tend to “Caesarize,” a term attested in the 16th century, it means that one tends to “act like Caesar as an absolute master.” So… will you clear this exam?

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