Open-world action MMORPG ArcheAge II announced for console and PC

publisher Cocoa Games and developer XLGAMES announce open world a job MMORPG ArchAge II for the console and computer. No specific consoles and release date have been announced.

The ad trailer was released along with an interview video with Executive Producer Jake Song.

Get the trailer and video of the interview below. Transcript of the interview immediately.

Announcement Interview with Promotional Producer/Executive Producer

Jake Song, Executive Producer:ArchAge II is a smooth, open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and the sequel to the internationally acclaimed game ArcheAge. The game is being developed as a cross-platform game that you can enjoy on both PC and console.”

What are some important features you focus on ArchAge II?

Song: “Our primary focus is on action-packed combat as well as producing an immersive story. We are targeting AAA-tier visuals with Unreal Engine 5 and intend to deliver a smooth, non-linear, progression-based open world experience.”

Are there chances in the lore or story?

Song:ArchAge II shares the same flag ArcheAge iHowever, the progression of the story is not the same. While ArcheAge i centered around a narrative story, ArchAge II You will focus more on personality ventures and personal stories. It has a similar timeline ArcheAge i. It will depict the period when Auroria was first discovered and people began to settle there. The story will involve discovering and solving the mysteries of an ancient civilization that have been forgotten for thousands of years, making them blend with the natural environment.”

Do you have any game content you would like to submit?

Song:ArcheAge iMany players have enjoyed the trading action, but the system has some drawbacks. in ArchAge IIWe intend to enhance the trading system so that players can trade alone, in squads or in raids.

Another famous feature ArcheAge i The advantage was housing. We plan to improve it by adding more customizations, allowing players to live in cities with their friends, and even create their own cities with their guild members.

We would like to express our gratitude to the countless users from all over the world who have provided support ArcheAge. The development team is working hard to meet you again ArchAge II. We appreciate all the support. Thank you.”

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